Transforming the care, support & protection of children affected by domestic abuse and homicide

Joanna Simpson's story

Joanna Simpson was brought up on the Isle of Man, after completing her degree at Bath University she had a successful career and was married with two Children. She later ran a successful 5 star Bed and Breakfast business in Ascot which gave her the time to bring up her Children.
Unfortunately the marriage was not a happy one and Jo was the victim of domestic abuse through coercive control, isolation and intimidation, this culminated in severe violence and the start of acrimonious divorce proceedings.
On Halloween 2010 at the age of 46 Jo was battered to death by her husband BA Captain Robert Brown in the vicinity of her children aged just 10 & 9 at the time, this was just 1 week before the finalization of their divorce.
Jo's body was found 5 days later buried in a pre-dug grave in Windsor Great Park, despite evidence of considerable planning Robert Brown was convicted of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility, he was given a 26 year sentence in May 2011.

Jo had strong moral values and believed it important that all children should have a safe, secure and loving environment. The Joanna Simpson Foundation has been set up in her memory and our work is based on her beliefs, values and the love of her children.

JSF creates change through:

Financial investment in services delivered by experts in their field who understand the needs of children

Investment in targeted primary and secondary research
to ensure investment is based on an informed basis of
underlying needs and gaps

Leverage of skills and capability from the business
sector to assure successful project delivery and

Being a trusted and informed advisor of child
centric public policies related to domestic abuse
and homicide

The Team


Diana Parkes
Patron and Joanna Simpson´s mother
Heather Quinn
Chair and Personal Assistant
Andrew Hunter
Accountant, Hunter Tax Consultants Limited
Jenifer Stanley
Lawyer, Kelly Luft
Heidi Jackson
Independent Retail Consultant
Katherine Brown
Joanna Simpson's daughter
Alexander Brown
Joanna Simpson's son
Janet Bailey
Head of Practice, The Children's Centre


Diana Parkes
Hetti Barkworth-Nanton

Research Programmes

The Joanna Simpson Foundation is currently interested in investing in research which addresses gaps in understanding of the needs of children affected by domestic abuse and homicide, the long term impact of chilhood experience of domestic abuse, the availability of current services, and the appropriateness of existing policy and law in safeguarding and protecting children. Please contact us for more details or to get involved.

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Please be aware JSF is not a point of delivery Charity.
If you need immediate help or support please contact your local police, social services, victim support or Refuge.
We will endeavour to respond to emailed enquiries within 24 hours.

For all media enquiries please contact Kirsten Walkom [email protected] or telephone 07542 013310.